Charity shop in Penarth in fear of becoming next target of break-ins.

Staff and volunteers at the Tenovus Cancer Care shop in Windsor Road are worried over security.

There have been several break-ins at charity shops in Penarth in recent weeks.

Oxfam, and The British Red Cross in the town were broken into last month, and other shops have also been targeted.

“I feel like a ‘sitting duck’.” says Vince Tugwell, the manager of the Tenovus charity shop.

Mr. Tugwell has worked in the charity shop for many years. He has done a number of things to keep the store safe.

He takes away all the cash every night and has installed CCTV.

He says he wishes there were more police on the street.

“I believe there should be police walking around the streets everyday, even just a patrol car going around.”

Glenys Kent is a regular customer of the Tenovus charity shop, and visits the charity shop every week. She is saddened by what happened to the shops.

Ms. Kent says the police should take steps to help the charity shop.

“It is time something should be done by the police, because it is quite scary for the staff.”

“The money is meant to help people who really need it, not to fall into the hands of thieves.” says Mr. Tugwell.