Gafalba underpass flooded after drainage system overwhelmed

As far back as 2016, Gafalba residents have campaigned for improvements in flood prevention. Due to the frequent heavy rainfall Cardiff experiences, there have been issues with flooding across the city.

in Gabalfa the problem is particularly bad. An underpass beneath the roundabout regularly floods. It’s the only way for pedestrians to get to different areas. But flooding is making it unsafe for people to use.

With the drainage system below sewer level, an alarm with an electrical pump is required to drain out the water. Lately the pump has been overwhelmed and is unable to drain appropriately. It’s become clear that the mechanical pump is unable to cope with the excessive water volume.

Local Lib Dem Councillor Ashley Wood says “The council has recently told us that it does trigger an alarm, but they have to send somebody else to then reset the pump to get it removed, so obviously there’s a big delay in that time”.

“The underpass remains obstructed and can’t be used”.

Recently, following a post on the Gafalba and Mynachdy Facebook group, there has been progress made.

Cardiff council say that the pump has been repaired and is operating effectively, whilst officers from the flood risk team are working together with Welsh Water in order to identify and repair the water leak.