Plans for new social housing in Cowbridge paused after concerns are raised by locals

A project to build social housing at the junction of Cowbridge Road and Lower Cathedral Road has been put on hold after residents and business owners have set up a petition against it.

Several objections to the project were made at the beginning of last year. There were concerns over the building’s size and the loss of jobs in the area because of the demolition.

The issue of increased traffic and the new need for parking was also brought up.

Local councilors have said that there is a higher demand for housing with more than one bedroom but the new building will be made up of 87 one-bedroom flats.

Image: Cardiff Council

The community is also concerned over the possible rise in crime rates in the area.

Jade Pointon is a hairstylist working at Amaryllis Salon. She said, “We have break-ins often here and we just feel like popping that right here on the outskirts of town will not be good for the community.”

She and other residents are also worried of who will be living in the new housing. She said that the new residents will be made up of seventy percent men and thirty percent women.

Business owners are also worried over the cost of relocating. The family-owned off license has been in the building for 20 years and does not know where they are going next.

The barbershop next-door which recently opened in early December is a struggling new business.

Ahmed the owner who came to the UK as a refugee from Iraq is disappointed by the turn of events. He is unsure about the future because of rising costs.

He said, “I hope like council look after us too because the building after two years is going down like we cannot pay every bill like for example for me how I can’t pay two bill for council at the same time my business is not working right now.”

The construction of the project was meant to start this summer but after the complaints it has been delayed for another twelve to fifteen months.