Progress made in the fight to save Maindy Velodrome

In 2021, plans were put in place by Cardiff Council to demolish Maindy Velodrome as part of an extension project for Cathays High.

Ever since the announcement of the proposal there has been significant opposition. Local campaign groups and six-time Olympic champion Chris Hoy have all expressed their disapproval for the demolishment of what is considered to be a hub for the community.

Through recent developments however, an alternative site has been identified as another option. Companies House on Crown Way has surfaced as the solution for the Save Maindy Velodrome campaign group.

They say they have been told that the Government Property Agency (GPA) were looking to sell the land where Companies House is situated.

One of the campaign’s leading voices Jeremy Sparks believes this is the clear solution. “Last summer it was announced that the land was up for disposal, it has now been advertised publicly, and we believe this offers the best opportunity for a new school in Cathays.

“It’s the same side of the road so it will be safer. You won’t have thousands of pupil crossings across a really busy road and it’s obviously the ideal answer.”

Given Companies House sits on the same side of the road as Cathays High, it does present itself as a more logical option than the velodrome. Work is being done but Labour councilor Dan De’Ath tempered expectations in a recent trustee meeting. “The council is engaged with the Government Property Unit regarding the future of Companies House,” he said.

“Given the importance of delivering a new school for Cathays High, the council is pursuing both strategies in tandem as there is no guarantee of acquiring the Companies House site.”

This stand off between the council and campaigners will continue to rumble on but the emergence of Companies House as an alternative site represents a significant development.