New drinking measures at Principality Stadium for Wales’ Six Nations clash with Scotland

This weekend marks the introduction of new drinking regulations at the Principality Stadium for the Six Nations.

From Saturday, fans will be served weaker pints – with Heineken swapped for Amstel – and bars will be closed after half time.

These measures were announced on the back of multiple incidents of anti-social behaviour at the Autumn Internationals, including a child being vomited on by a drunken fan.

There was also an inebriated pitch invader who was labelled ‘Wales’ most hated man’ after stoming the field for a £20 bet.

Welsh Rugby Union Performance Director, Nigel Walker, said: “There were incidents at the Autumn Internationals, they are not the norm they are still the exception and what we are asking people to do is enjoy themselves but be mindful of the enjoyment of others and enjoy yourself within reason.”

Journalist and rugby historian Peter Jackson said: “The staggering question you have to ask yourself is, how many people among the 74,500 cannot do without a drink for 80 minutes?”

Pubs in Cardiff City Centre have embraced the new measures as it encourages more business for them.

Stewart Buckley, The Deputy General Manager of The City Arms pub, said: “The footfall of the rugby fans coming before the match and after we have definitely seen a massive increase to our profits during this time.”