@Florencegiven's Insta is one of our top pics!

10 Instagram accounts to follow right now

HERKIND rounds up the best LGBTQ+ Instagram accounts to check out today!

@Florencegiven’s Insta is one of our top pics!

Social media has exploded with LGBTQ+ content in recent years and it is a great resource to engage with the community.


Molly-Margaret is a New York based sex-positive poet and Instagram advice centre for all things queer, women, sex, health and dating. She regularly does AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions and her stories often features her girlfriend Kellie when they are on days out.

Molly-Margaret is hugely confidence inspiring and is not afraid to tackle big issues in a comforting and knowledgeable way.


Munroe was the UK’s first transgender model for L’Oreal and is a womxn’s rights activist and is involved with UN Women UK. She is the LGBTQ+ editor for Dazed Beauty, a magazine that aims to “redefine the language and communication of beauty.” Munroe has also set up @goddessplatform which celebrates queer culture and diversity.

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the way in which the british media continues to speak about trans people is violent, prejudiced and dehumanising. to exist in this toxic culture where conversations over our rights are being reduced to a ridiculously basic topic over who gets to use what toilet, is so unbelievably frustrating, when fact is it's cisgender people killing us, raping us, abusing us, not the other way around. there are no statistics to suggest that trans people are a threat to anyone. there's bad eggs in every community. just because mira hindley and rose west murdered children doesn't mean that all cisgender white women are child killers does it!? never once have i read an article in a mainstream newspaper about what society can do to keep trans people safe. or what the sports industry can do to be more inclusive of trans athletes. or how can we combat high unemployment figures within the trans community. the narrative is violent, repetitive, monotonous and irresponsible. it's us vs. them. it's painting trans people as a treat, when we are facing the constant threat of physical and verbal abuse just leaving the house. trans people are not some farfetched idea. we are not a "hot topic" for politicians and breakfast tv show hosts to check off a list. we are living, breathing, ordinary people. the quicker society realises that, the quicker we can all get on with our lives instead of going round in circles over unisex loos. we are more than our gender, we are more than our bodies. we deserve better than this.

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Matthew Riemer and Leighton Brown, authors of We Are Everywhere, a photographic history of the Queer Liberation Movement own this account. It is full of striking images of LGBTQ+ figures from different points in the past.

If you are looking for a quick and easily-digestible source of queer history with vivid imagery, this account is a must-follow!


Florence was voted Cosmopolitan’s Influencer of the Year 2019. She is a London-based artist and author of the book Women Don’t Owe You Pretty which is being published on 11 June. Florence is a proud bisexual womxn and a strong feminist advocate.


Corey is based in New York and describes herself as a “trans femme community builder, advocate, queerosopher and provocateur.” Her Instagram is full of striking images of female love and high fashion shots.


Ruby is a UK artist, body positive champion and sex educator. She identifies as bisexual and non-monogamous. Ruby has worked with many campaigns including BBC Body Positive, HuffPost and Pink News. She also founded Body Love Sketch Club, a body positive life drawing class aiming to celebrate bodies in an inclusive, non-sexualised way.



Tanya, from London, is a motivational speaker, award-winning youth worker and queer activist. She has written for gal-dem and Bustle and works with UK Black Pride. Tanya presents in more masculine fashion and her Instagram features many photos of her in snazzy hats and funky outfits.


As the name suggests, this is an account dedicated to lesbian fashion icons and prominent LGBTQ+ celebrities’ outfits. The account contains photos from the past and present, showcasing lesbian icons through the ages. The photos are shot in a range of settings and you can easily waste an hour scrolling through.

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