Are people in Cardiff actually angry at Trump and his policies?

In Cardiff, around 700 people (only 0.2% of its population) gathered on 20 January to attend the protest against Trump’s Muslim ban. Is Trump the real villain or ‘made’ as the villain?

When you first look at the number, you ‘may think 700 is a huge number. As well as the number, photos and videos of the crowds posted on social media may have made you think many people were against the policy and angry at him. However, it seems that the anti-Trump norm is over-represented in the UK and the United States by the media.

The question is, is ‘700’ actually a huge number? According to Wales Online, “attendees were from all ages and backgrounds with many people travelling into the city from elsewhere,” The Population in Cardiff is around 340,000, which means only 0.2% of the people joined the protest.

Many media spread that there are a number of demonstrations and protests being held in different cities, but, do we know how big they were? How many of people you know do actually attend the protests? Yang Yiming, a postgrad student at Cardiff University, said: “Media is good at expanding the weakness and propagandize something not true. It is interesting that Trump was elected with almost all media claiming Hillary’s winning.”

Ying 1
Yang Yiming, 23, studying at Cardiff University said: “‘Do not interfere with other countries’ politics’, this is usually what I say and do.”

Yu Takenouchi, a Japanese waitress working in Cardiff also agreed with that the media broadcast Trump worse that as it is. She said: “Of course I don’t trust all of what the media say. I think we’ll be able to know if he is the good president or bad president in 30 to 50 years.”

Yu Takenouchi, 27, “I don’t mind him maybe because I’ve read some good news about him as well.”

Trump’s policies, such as building a wall on the border between US and Mexico, and banning Muslim people from 7 countries from getting into US, prompted strong criticisms and arguments all over the world. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for example, tweeted “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada,” to respond Trump’s ban.

“I think other countries shouldn’t meddle American politics and policies. If the wall is needed to keep piece for Americans, it should be fine,” said Yu.

So far, not every country has been affected by Trump’s policies. Therefore, people from some countries that have been affected may think differently. However, even Diana Carrillo, a Mexican psychology counselor working in Cardiff told me that although she thinks he is crazy, what he’d been doing wasn’t that bad for Mexico.

Despite not being totally against him, there are people who disagree with his policies. “I don’t hate him, but I don’t agree with some of his policies. It’s sad, because I believe everyone should be able to travel anywhere although I think it should be necessary for everyone from any country should submit formal documents or be required visas,” said Giulia Novelli who studies medicine at Cardiff University and is from Italy.

Giulia Novelli, 24

On the other hand, Caroline Schmidt, an exchange student from Germany, said: “I have been taught how terrible it was when the Berlin wall existed and how amazing it was when the wall was destroyed finally by my mum. So when I heard of the plan, I was really frightened. But I also heard from an American friend that the plan was already there when Obama was the president. It’s difficult to say.”

Though it is true that there are many people opposed to Trump, it seems that people who are against Trump have been overrepresented because they organize demonstrations, voice their opinions out loud on social media, and are highly motivated.

Jack Tabash Jr., a student in Cardiff said: “I don’t mind Trump being the president of US because his way of thinking represents America. Also Trump is doing what he’s promised. Who has ever done it before?”

At the end of the interviews, some interviewees told me that they feel uncomfortable to say that they don’t mind trump, because of anti-Trump norm. It may be that what we need is the environment that people can talk about what they actually think and feel.

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