Buy cheap food from restaurants with new app

If you love eating out, but it doesn’t fit into your budget, then you will love this new app. Download it now – and get cheap leftover food from Cardiff restaurants.

The creators of the app Chris and Jamie
The creators of the app Chris and Jamie

Eating out can be expensive, but it can also be a nice treat if you have had a long week. The app “Too Good to Go” has now been launched in Cardiff, so you can buy cheap leftover food from different restaurants in Cardiff.

The food the restaurants have left before they close will be divided into portions and put on the app for you to buy.

InterCardiff has tried the app to see how it works, what you can get and the prices.

Other than getting cheap food, you will also help protect the environment. Buying leftover food will help the restaurants reduce their amount of food waste.

Create an account and log into the app to order food
Create an account and log into the app to order food

Work your way around the app

The Too Good to Go app can be described with only one word and five letters: G-R-E-A-T! It is simple, user-friendly and highly recommendable.

If you see a meal that you would like, you just order the food and collect it at the shown time at the restaurant. All food is being sold at a discounted price, so you can get really cheap food. Some of the meals are being sold with a 90 % discount and for as little as £1.

You can browse through the app and look after the perfect meal

By using the tab “Find Food”, you can have a look around the different restaurants and the meals you can get before ordering anything. You can either pay when you order the food, or pay when you get to the restaurant.

Which restaurants can you get food from

Even though the app has only been launched in Cardiff, you can still find quite a few different restaurants from the city centre on the app.

You can find everything from Italian food to sandwiches and pastries.

The app shows you a map to locate the restaurants that's near you
The app shows you a map to locate the restaurants that’s near you

The creator of the app Chris said that they have plans to get more restaurants on the app, and encourage restaurant’s owners to sign up.

You can download the app on either Android or iOS. The app is completely free.


The Too Good to Go app is amazing for people who wants to eat out, but can’t afford it or want to save money. It is an easy way to get a nice meal from restaurants without ruining your budget.

If you live close to one of the listed restaurants, you can easily pick it up and enjoy some good food or save it for the next day.

The app is highly recommendable for anyone wanting to save some money, while eating good food.


The app gets: 5 out of 5 stars