Cancer Research UK Shop: The light shines in the darkness

A lovely donation shop in Canton keeps love alive.

Walking down the Cowbridge road, the unassuming window displays of Cancer Research UK shop although less eye-dazzling than other fancy shops, taking a few minutes to walk in, some lovely and compassionate stories can still be explored through its volunteers, donors and customers.

The Cancer Research UK is located in the Cowbridge road, in the canton patch of Cardiff

Cancer Research UK is a registered charity organization, just as its name implies, the organization raises money to help beat cancer and provides cancer information to the public.

This unpretentious donation shop is one of the 600 offline shops across the country, which accepts and sells local people’s donations to fund the life-saving research.

Rhian and her mother who donate bags of clothes to the shop are filling in the donation forms

Volunteers are quite busy on Sunday morning, because they should take charge of classifying and cleaning the donations and setting them in the right place to attract more customers.

Bags of donations will be classified and cleaned by volunteers

“I like working here, because I’m happy people come up to donate items, and what I do makes life meaningful,” said Leon, who is the volunteer with a learning disability.

“we provide volunteer job to these physical challenged people, it’s just for their self-aware. They feel they can do something, so they enjoy coming here,” said Jones, the shop assistant.

Leon and Jones help each other taking care of donations and customers

All donations and kindness help in Cancer Research UK shop will keep love alive in Canton!