Cardiff Library Hosts Famous Thriller Writer as His Latest Novel is Released

A renowned thriller writer spoke at a Cardiff library event last week as his latest book was released.

Author Gerald Seymour at the talk led by librarian Susanna Thomas.

Author and former journalist, Gerald Seymour, appeared at Rhydypennau Libaray last wednesday to discuss his career and 34th novel, A Damned Serious Business.

“A Damned Serious Business is about the hackers…controlled by FSB, which is Russia’s present domestic intelligence agency,” said Mr Seymour, 76. “I thought it was something interesting, this idea of kids, hackers, [who] could outweigh the use of an armoured regiment…it’s a different sort of world.”

A selection of Gerald Seymour’s novels with extracts of reviews on display at the library.

The author began his career as a reporter for ITN, covering major events such as the Munich Olympic disaster and the Great Train Robbery. Drawing on his experiences, he has written 34 books over more than four decades.

“It’s something about the unreasonableness of a door that’s marked private or no entry…that gets me working,” said Mr Seymour. “I suppose I set out as a goal to challenge people and to take them to places and say, if you’d been with me, this is what you would have seen, this is what you would have heard.”

It was his time in Northern Ireland that inspired the thriller writer’s first novel, Harry’s Game, which became a successful TV series. His representation remains one of the most acclaimed of the thirty-year conflict surrounding the nation.

“I felt Harry’s Game was holding up a mirror to the Northern Irish people,” said Northern Irish audience member, Kay Harry. “It had a very emotional effect on me.”

Kay Harry has admired Mr Seymour’s work for many years.

“I don’t want to tell people what they ought to think because that’s not my job,” said Mr Seymour. “I want to be able to tell stories about the places that the public, through no fault of their own, may not know about.”

The event was attended by long-term fans who were able to put questions to the author and receive signed copies of his influential novels. “I just had to meet the man who saw [Northern Ireland] from both sides,” said Ms Harry.

Guests queuing to have their copies of A Damned Serious Business signed by the author.

Senior librarian, Susanna Thomas, led the discussion. “Gerald very kindly agreed to come along…we’re so excited,” she said. “He is such an accomplished reporter, researcher [and] author.”

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