Charity Gallery in the 19th Century Building:Craft in the Bay

A good place for art lovers to spend their leisure time on weekends.

Opposite the Wales Millennium Centre, there is a glass-built charity gallery run by The Makers Guild in Wales. This building is the only mid-19th century building in Cardiff Bay.

people who are wandering in the gallery

The atmosphere here will make you feel stress-free and relaxed. Feel free to watch the crafts of local craftsmen or the works of famous national and international artists. The staff are very friendly and they will answer all your questions.

Because of the limited funds, the employees here are volunteers. Some volunteers have been working here for more than 20 years.

Margo Schmidt, a pottery enthusiast, has been working for the gallery for almost 10 years.

Volunteer work not only allowed Margo to learn how to arrange exhibitions but also exposed her to the works of many excellent artists.

“I remember the first exhibition I set up was about climate change. There are a lot of frogs hanging there (she pointed to a corner of the gallery). Due to the lack of water, their skin was white, which was very shocking, and I am very impressed. ” Margo said.

The recent wool products exhibition

It shows the decorative paintings and shoes made of wool by local Welsh artists. These works break people’s inherent impression of wool products.

You can buy works you like, most of them are for sale, and the money will be used as support for individual manufacturers or things for charitable purposes.

Besides, there are regular workshops related to the theme of the exhibition. You can also participate in them, experience the production of art, and bring home the art you have made by yourself. The workshop in this issue will introduce you to the basics of table loom weaving, and you can feel all kinds of fabrics.

The wool products exhibition will last until November 10.