The secret of The Old Library

Founded in 1894, The Old Library never stops creating surprise for its people and now, after going through a massive renovation, it has changed into a sports and community center, which benefits a lot to the locals.

Colourful posters outside The Library attract people to come and share pieces of themselves.

Located in the heart of Splott, The Library is easier to enhance its value and offer diverse activities to natives. The flagship building serves as a community hub, is consists of organizations like employment support, theatre groups and local rugby club. To be specific, Job club opens on every Wednesday morning from 10 to 12 for people who are hunting for jobs or trying to improve their professional capacities. Besides, every third Sunday in each month, you are warmly welcomed by Christmas Nativity Play.

The OLD ILLTYDIANS RFC is a local rugby club stars to manage the building since 2013.
The old piano used by children is placed in the main room.
Group photo of the rugby club members
Changing room for the rugby club members and their awesome Jerseys.

The theatre groups runned by BAME Company are one of most popular organizations within this building. They both have professional training for young actors and free after-school programme for children and most importantly, presenting interesting and innovative social changes through theatre.

Rhys, project coordinator of theatre groups, has special passion for what he is doing.
Some excellent works they’ve done.
Some features structure of the projects they are working on.