Exploring Love Craft – Cardiff’s Oldest Sex Shop

Love Craft – Cardiff’s oldest adult store, talks about the changing face of trends and technology of the controversial business over 20 years. 

Cardiff Canton Sex Shop Love Craft Adult Store
Love Craft – Canton’s most interesting corner

Walking through Canton, you might stumble upon a rather peculiar shop on Cowbridge road.

Love Craft is the oldest licensed adult store or “Sex Shop” in Cardiff. It has been running for 21 years and continues to possess its characteristic raw charm. The shop is not only popular in Canton or Cardiff but also draws its clientele from other cities and countries.

Martin Millar has been the Manager-in-charge of the store since day one. He tells us about the changing face of trends, technologies and attitudes towards sex-essories and sex shops over the years.

Cardiff Canton Sex Shop Love Craft Adult Store
Love Craft from inside – Too many interesting things to catch your attention.

Then and Now

Twenty years ago, a sex shop was expected to a dark and shady corner of the street. There were hardly any womenfolk involved, just guys walking into a store full of hanging phalluses and a bunch of porn DVDs.

“A cheap piece of plastic with four changeable heads was literally the biggest piece of technology,” says Martin.

Cardiff Canton Sex Shop Love Craft Adult Store
Martin Millar: The rather shy and conscious Captain-on-Duty

Things have drastically changed with time. Women have gotten involved in the intimate business rather confidently. There are design teams, product marketing strategies and promotional offers working towards product success.

The associated embarrassment has reduced. All sorts of people – single men/women and couples from all shades of sexuality are taking a keen interest in this flavorful extension of their private lives.

Cardiff Canton Sex Shop Love Craft Adult Store
Toys not just for boys – There is something for everybody. Maybe beyond your imagination.

Outfits, toys, accessories, applicable products – there is something for everybody. Vibrator rabbits, remote controlled Sonic Eggs and Female-to-male Strap-ons are some of the best selling items of the store.

The shop sure does know what people need and offers a lovely 15% discount to attract the most curious segment of them all – Students.


Super Furry Animals the famous Cardiff based psychedelic rock band named their 2005 album after them.

Cardiff Canton Sex Shop Love Craft Adult Store
Martin helps people with their queries or doubts too. Everyone sure loves a little friendly advice from the master.