Roath Community Pulls Together to Find Market Trader's Wedding Ring

The missing ring, returned back to its vegetable-growing owner.

A local market trader’s wedding ring was returned to him this weekend, after community members led a social media campaign for its retrieval.
Pavel Wisniewski, trader of Paul’s Organic Veg at Roath Market, received his ring following Twitter posts by fellow stall-holders, Roath Brewery, who appealed for the community to help find it.
Pavel Wisniewski of ‘Paul’s Organic Veg’.

A market trader in Cardiff for 13 years, Pav was at his vegetable stall as usual when he lost his ring. “One of my customers was buying veg and my ring was quite loose and was dropped in the bag,” he said. “It was a bit of a nightmare.”
src=”×352.jpg” alt=”” width=”625″ height=”352″ /> Pav working on his market stand selling vegetables to the community.
Matt Appleby from Roath Brewery was quick to begin a Twitter appeal. “Pav has only just got married so we’ve been talking about it for weeks. We couldn’t believe he’d lost his ring so soon,” he said. “We snapped a quick pic and put it on Twitter to see if we could help find it.”
“They helped me because I’m not really ‘social media man’, I prefer growing things,” said the newly-wed, who was overwhelmed by the response from local people on Twitter. “Lot of comments straight away. We was in shock at how many got back to us.”

Fortunately, the wedding ring was found and amusingly returned. “Next day lady come and bring it back, on top of a cauliflower!” said Pav. “Luckily, the ring is fine.”
Chris Rees runs Go Organic Juices alongside Paul’s Organic Veg. “I wasn’t surprised at all that the ring was returned.” said Chris. “It’s that kind of market, there’s a great community feel about it.”

Chris Rees on his market stall ‘GOrganic Juices’ next to Pav at Roath Market.

“I always try and do my food shopping at the farmers market,” said local customer, Georgia Coles-Riley. “It’s great to see the same friendly stall holders each week and to support local producers.”
“I think in Roath with have nice people, nice community,” said Pav. “It is not like they are all my customers, it was like they are friends. I was pretty sure if someone finds it, they give it back.”
The local, community market in Roath.

Roath Farmers’ Market runs every Saturday morning from 9.30am to 1pm outside Mackintosh Sports Club on Keppoch Street.