Dry pub plan brewing in Cardiff

The scene that greets you as you enter the Living Room, the drug and alcohol recovery centre which will receive the pub’s profits

Hearty food, good company and a relaxed atmosphere all make the pub a great place to go, but those who don’t drink can sometimes feel excluded.

Wynford Ellis Owen, Chief Executive of the Living Room, plans to establish a booze-free pub for under 18’s, religious groups and families. Located away from the drunken mayhem of the city centre, but close enough to get trade, the pub’s profits will help to fund long-term support and aftercare for recovering alcoholics.

Drinks will include exotic alcohol-free cocktails, food served will be locally sourced and the pub will aim to promote local talent with stand-up comedy and live music entertainment.

“This is a pub in every sense of the word,” insists Ellis Owen. “It’s all about creating a community.”

Thumbnail picture permission: Fergus McIver