A new workplace recycling system is about to be implemented in Wales

Starting April 6, 2024, recycling in the workplace will change.   This includes all businesses, charitable organizations and the public sector, which will now be required to separate their waste for recycling.  

The Welsh Government is introducing the law to promote a more sustainable approach to waste management.   The Act also applies to all waste and recycling collectors and processors, including those who dispose of household waste from the workplace.

Minh Phan is the owner of Hanoi 1991, a Thai restaurant in the Royal Arcade. She says this is what every business should do.

“New recycling system is not difficult for us, although it will increase our workload, but it is a good thing for the environment,” she says.

Julie Griffin is the manager of Crumbs Kitchen a restaurant in the Morgan Arcade. She says people are now adapting to the new system and rearranging their daily work.

“This regulation is equal for every store, and everyone needs to do it, which is good for every scene and everyone.”

A number of businesses in Cardiff city centre said that in addition to increasing the distribution of different types of bins in the store, the waste collection point in Cardiff city centre has also added more bins to make it easier for businesses to separate waste.

The implementation of the new recycling policy requires a certain amount of time for everyone to adapt to the new rules.