People can’t go out of their houses in Ely because of floods

The street in front of their house is covered by water that no one can walk through.

The floods has been flooding on and off for at least two years even when there is minimal rainfall. Although there are three drains on the road, the drainage system is still a big problem.

Rhiannon Madgwick has lived on the street for more than five years. She says they often get stuck with massive puddles.

‘‘When the river is open or flows down. And there’s no effort for it to go. Because the drainage systems are so bad.

“I’ve got young children so we’re constantly having to move upstairs. Because of the flood warnings we’re constantly monitoring how far the water is going because of how bad flooding it is. ’

The floods not only affect residents’ travel, but also invade their gardens.

Mark Allan moved here a few months ago. He says that whenever there is heavy rain, a lot of rubbish is washed into his garden by the flood.

‘‘I can’t stay outside because there’s a huge flood in my garden and there’s no dry spots everywhere.

My step is wet, and it’s also bringing trash into my garden as well as in the front of my house. And it’s just making the whole area smell and it’s really bad for me and my kids.’’

Residents living on the street say they are trying to resolve the issue with Cardiff Council.