Cardiff bin strike affects residents’ life in Grangetown

The long-standing strike is causing great inconvenience and danger for Grangetown residents — and they are complaining.

The issue of uncollected waste on the street has been a big problem for residents who live in Grangetown.

The strike is over union claims of bullying and other local issues. The Unite union says Cardiff Council has “abjectly failed to acknowledge” their concerns.

The latest strike action came at the busiest period of the year for refuse collections and caused the streets of Grangetown to be covered in recycling bags for weeks.

Wallis Feal, who works at Zoe O’Shea Florist in Grangetown says “Obviously when the bins are outside your house for more days than they should be, seagulls start attacking this tied bags, which caused the littered all over the road. And the bins are not been collected because of the strike, the workers want more money.”

Cardiff Council says it has held a number of meetings with Unite through various forums to try to seek a way forward in the dispute, which is over pay.

And this strike is set to continue into February after unions announced a four-week extension.