Cycling Fines along Queen Street in Cardiff

Cyclists who ride along Queen Street in Cardiff city centre will face a fifty pound fine.

Queen Street is closed to traffic but that hasn’t stopped cyclists using it. Now Cardiff Council says that’s not safe and there’ll be a fine for anybody who rides their bike on Queen Street.

Queen Street

The City Centre Management Team and South Wales Police say they have stopped up to fifty cyclists a week on Queen Street. Cyclists are fined up to £50 if they are caught.

Cyclists have been banned on Queen Street for many years. But the fines are a new development. People have tried to get the ban lifted but without success.

Police on Queen Street

This regulation has caused discontent among cyclists. Some people believe that riding in the designated lanes should be allowed. Some cyclists, however, felt that there are some improvements to be made to this rule.

Ahmed Naser, is a cyclist. He felt that the no cycling signs on Queen Street were inadequate.

Ahmed Naser

He says: “I think  fines are excessive and difficult to enforce. If fines are in operation, clear signage need to be displayed in English, Welsh, Chinese, Albanian, Romanian and other languages. Companies like Deliveroo and Uber Eats need to take more responsibility for their riders and contribute financially to the signs and information campaigns. Next bikes – the free rental bikes – should have info on apps explaining where fines are.”