Does Tiger Bay Need a £30 Million Museum to Promote its Culture?

Cardiff council want to build a new museum celebrating the historic Tiger Bay area of the city. It will cost £30 million, and it will be built on Britannia Park off Harbor Drive, opposite the Norwegian Church.

Cardiff Bay was as an important port of Cardiff. As its unique geographic function, from over 50 countries’ sailors settled down here and it became Wales oldest multi-ethnic community.

Nowadays it became a modern district and lots of franchises gathered.

Now Cardiff Council wants to build a new museum to promote the history of Tiger Bay and help visitors understand the area better.

They plan to spend £30 millions on this museum, which would include high-tech exhibitions, offices and teaching spaces.

But some people disagree with their plan. One reason is there are already museums which include the history of Cardiff. Another one is that a new museum will cost lots of money and be built on land which is currently a park.

As a result, a petition with more than 2,500 names objected to the loss of open space, but the council has promised new jobs and more visitors.

Antonio Ryan works at the Cote Restaurant in Cardiff Bay. He says building a museum will benefit tourists not locals.