Hundreds of Workers Have been Staging Protests and Strike Action in Cardiff

As the UK Government unveiled its budget, the protestors have been calling for wage rises and more cash for public services.

With the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announcing his latest budget measures, about 400 striking workers, including university staff and civil servants, gathered to protest.

The strike is primarily about wage increases that match the rising cost of living and greater funding for public services. And those protesting were determined to take their message to the Westminster government.

Marion Loeffler, a professor of history at Cardiff University, said that although there are now free nurseries for one- and two-year-olds, they are too little, too late.

Marion Loeffler

“We must stand here for them every day to show that we know what they are going through. We see them struggling; they suffer”. Zack Hayward said, who supporting his teacher’s strike.

Zack Hayward

In yesterday’s budget, the Welsh government received an extra 180 million pounds. And the Chancellor announced measures aimed at helping small businesses such as freezing the tax on draft beer.

But Angharad Hight who is a restaurant manager working at Tortilla in Cardiff said “After Brexit, there are a lot of import taxes. So the price is ridiculous now; not everyone can afford it.”

Anghard Hight

As the cost of living increases, people’s lives become more and more difficult. Real wages have been falling sharply, especially in the public sector.

So the broader cost of living crisis has left workers with little choice, and strikes have been going on for better wages and working conditions.