Massive Impact Caused by Central Station Taxi Rank Relocation

Taxi drivers say they have lost money since the removal of the taxi rank from the front of Central Station.

The taxi rank in front of Cardiff Central Station has provided convenient and essential services to passengers for more than 40 years. But Cardiff Council and Wales Rail Ltd have moved it to Penarth Road due to essential works for the new road infrastructure for the Cardiff Bus Interchange at Central Square.

New Taxi Rank at Penarth Road

Sharif Ahamed is a taxi driver who has worked for 16 years. He says the move has caused him direct money loss.

The move affect not just taxi drivers but passengers as well. A lot of passengers have additional disabilities or other difficulties. Some of them cannot walk very far and some of them do not use online taxi services at all.

Unite Wales have launched a petition to stop the move. They say that drivers and those who rely on them have been considered as an afterthought throughout the whole process.

Sign to the new taxi rank