Plastic Restrictions in Wales — increased takeaway packaging costs for restaurants.

Whilst restricting the use of plastics in Wales is good for the environment, it also has an impact on business.

The Welsh Government has launched a new policy to reduce the use of plastics, helping to tackle the global plastic pollution scourge.

This policy will go a long way towards protecting the environment.

To reduce the unsustainable environmental impact of single-use plastic products, such as straws, bags, and disposable cutlery.

The Welsh government plans to eventually restrict their sale and usage.

The manager of Cardiff Steakhouse Ethan Poitier has switched out takeout disposable cutlery for biodegradable alternatives.

Although he supported restricting the use of plastic, he says the rising expense of packaging was a problem.

“I think it’s a good thing because it’s going to help the environment, but business-wise it is going to cost us more. We have to put our prices up. And sometimes some customers don’t want to pay the extra amount because they don’t want to pay for the package.”

The implementation of this programme not only improves the environment but also plants the seeds of environmental protection in Wales.

We shall monitor this policy’s progress and its benefits to the local and global environment as Wales moves toward a greener future.