An unfinished playground in a new housing estate in Cardiff has caused problems for residents

It leads to major problems with garbage pollution and a lack of spaces for children to play.

The residential area of Cae St Fagans was originally supposed to get a playground in August of last year. But it still hasn’t happened.

Peter Nicholson lives across from the site of the playground and he says he has to sweep up rubbish every week.

“The rubbish on the site, it’s getting worse and it’s been worse since the unfinished playground. There is trash all over the playground’s grounds and people treat it like a rubbish dump,” Mr Nicholson said.

Mr Nicholson says his grandchildren can’t play on this playground until it’s completed and they have been waiting over a year now for it to be built.

Sherma Chung, also lives nearby. He says children have nowhere to go after school and must spend the entire day inside the estate.

“Kids are very small and it’s really disappointing for them that there’s no like playing area around this estate for the kids. So kids have to stay indoor for the day, don’t have anywhere to go off the school, so it might be a major issue.”

The property company Redrow told CardiffNewsPlus that the reason for the construction  delay was complex drainage issues. They say they are working on the issue and hope to start work in February.