Residents Worried Over Safety Measures at Eastbrook Train Station in Dinas Powys

Dinas Powys’ residents have asked for an increase in patrols and sufficient lights near the car parking behind the station.

Three months ago, a 14-year-old girl was assaulted near the Eastbrook train station. In order to avoid such attacks, local residents held a meeting with South Wales Police to increase patrols in the area to curb crimes.

The residents say that the absence of sufficient lights at the car parking behind the train station makes it difficult for the passengers to travel.

Joanna Evans who is a resident of Dinas Powys, said “All I knew was about the lights that were vandalized, and I know they were all not working. From what I’ve just heard, they’re back running. But it’s unfortunate that they were vandalized in the beginning.”

Another resident, Gary Smith, who travels daily from the staion said “It makes people feel safer. I think actually what you need is response time. So, a quicker response time so that when something happens, people are there to access it. I think things like increased lighting should also work. There should be emergency alarms on the station that they can use, and that there’s a fast response is going to be even more effective.”

Plaid Cymru councillor Anne Ashbrey, said, “We’ve recently had interviews with an inspector and with PSOs. I think the story that we’ve had is that, there are scarce resources and that they cannot supply the sort of support that we would like. And one of the great problems they’ve identified is there’s not much crime in Dinas Powys, so they divert resources to other areas where they need a lot of support.

“They don’t give us the same support as we would like. We are not happy about that. But because there are scarce resources, there’s not much we can do about it. I think.”