Cardiff Charity Group Fundraising and Driving Vital Supplies to Ukraine

A grassroots organisation is providing aid to those affected by the conflict. Stand With Ukraine Cardiff, has been fundraising and collecting supplies to send to Ukraine.

The group was founded shortly after the invasion began in 2022, and has been working to support those impacted by the conflict.

StandWithUkraine Cardiff organised a special rally to let the public know about the fundraiser they started this week. The rally, held in Cardiff city centre, brought together refugees from Ukraine and members of the local community.

The StandwithUkraine rally in Cardiff

The event had a number of speakers who shared how it has been for Ukraine over the past year and the need for fundraising now. The speakers also highlighted the ongoing need for support and aid for those impacted by the conflict.

This initiative is supported by the Welsh government and Cardiff South and Penarth MP Stephen Doughty emphasised the critical role of fundraising in providing support to the people of Ukraine as they continue to face conflict with Russia.

Mr Doughty highlighted that the funds raised by organisations such as StandWithUkraine Cardiff can provide essential items such as generators and other critical supplies that are desperately needed by those affected by the conflict.

” People are still suffering immensely by the atrocities of the Russians and sending vital supplies at this hour is very important,” said Mr Doughty.

Natallia Tatarenko, a refugee and mother who is a member of StandWithUkraine Cardiff, spoke about the importance of supporting those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Having experienced firsthand the difficulties faced by those in her home country,

“I know how difficult life can be for those still living there, and every penny we can send to them can make a huge difference,” Ms Tatarenko said.

Following the speeches, the group held a demonstration in which participants marched through the city centre, holding banners and signs to raise awareness about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The demonstration also served as an opportunity to highlight the fundraising efforts of StandWithUkraine Cardiff, and to encourage others to get involved in supporting those affected by the conflict.

” Let children of Ukraine have their independence, their freedom, their rights, they have been taken away by the Russia and no country deserves this.” said a member of the group during the demonstration.

The communications head of the group Andrii Zhuravskyi said, ” We are in touch with various humanitarian groups that are on the battlefield in Ukraine and through our fundraiser, we are buying the needs of these people and sending them over to them”.

The group has collected clothing, blankets, and other items to send to Ukraine. In addition to collecting and sending supplies, StandWithUkraine Cardiff has also organised a team of drivers to transport the aid to Ukraine.

The drivers have taken time off work to help with the initiative. They have driven from Cardiff to Ukraine, delivering aid and supplies to those who need it most. The journey is not without its challenges.

The group has begun gathering supplies, including generators and other critical items, which they are sending once a week to Ukraine.

Additionally, the organisation has been actively fundraising to support their ongoing efforts. The fundraising campaign, has started to receive donations from the local community and beyond, demonstrating the widespread desire to support those affected by the conflict.