Some Motorists Believe Parking Fees should not be Increased

Cardiff Council has approved a rise in the cost of parking in the city. The council says the policy already has the support of the majority of residents.

Earlier this year, Cardiff Council launched a city-wide consultation on how to close a £24 million funding gap in the budget.

Residents were asked to comment on several cost-saving proposals and money-making ideas that could help protect the services they feel are most important to them.

Car parking fees

The policy to increase parking fees included in the consultation. Cardiff Council has decided to increase the cost of pay and display parking by 50p on street and one pound in council car parks, which is supported by 66% of respondents to a council survey.

But some motorists are unhappy with this price increase. Nesiem Iqbal works for the council. She says:” The parking fee should be free for anyone coming to a Council’s event.”

Nesiem Iqbal

Sophie Marsh works as the court accommodation coordinator. She says that the cost of parking is too high especially in front of the court.

Sophie Marsh

“The council car parks are increasing by one pound per hour which is unfair and it should remain the same,” she said.

Cabinet member for Finance, Modernisation and Performance, Cllr Chris Weaver, said:” We are really conscious of the cost-of-living crisis, which is being felt by people across the city, but without raising council tax we just wouldn’t be able to safeguard the services that are important to our residents.”