The lives of overweight Welsh men are changed by a Cardiff football club

Unlike traditional programmes that focus only on the physical aspect, the Man V Fat club recognises the crucial role of mental health in achieving long-term weight loss.

Man v Fat Football started in 2018 and has helped thousands of people lose weight and get fitter by playing football. It is now changing the traditional perception of male weight loss with its innovative mental health method.

The club’s efforts to accommodate various fitness levels foster a more supportive environment to help their members engage.

Club manager James Standford says “When you get a team that has different fitness level within it, you try to encourage the guys to take as many minutes as they possibly can, but not to overdo it, which is important.”

This approach ensures that everyone, regardless of their starting point, feels valued and supported.

James adds, “We recommend physical activity and team sports at the club as part of player’s therapy or recovery. We also provide training for our coaches and staff.

“It’s about breaking down barriers. We want to show that it’s okay for men to talk about mental health and seek help.

“What we’re really hoping for is that the new changes we see aren’t just in the club, but in the people themselves. We want our members to reach their goals and then find new paths, like helping others and staying on track with their own mental health and weight maintenance. ”

In this new year, Man v Fat Football will focus on creating a supportive and friendly community for overall well-being.