Flooded pavements on Clare Road have not been resolved due to financial pressures

The flooded pavements that have existed in Clare Road for many years have caused great inconvenience to people’s lives.

Every time it rains, there are serious flooded pavements on Clare Road. Residents nearby said that this has brought a lot of inconvenience to their lives.

Flooded pavements are more serious in windy weather, and leaves and stagnant water cover the streets. Shops on the roadside even need to prevent water from entering. 

Mantin Millen, a resident of Clare Road said, ”It was dangerous to walk on the road. I’ve seen about two people slip. One was a child with his mother and another one was an elderly gentleman.”

Jeff O’Donovan, another resident who lives on Clare Road, thinks that the council has not solved the problem of the drainage system.

He said, ”When the road was full of stagnant water and fallen leaves, the council would clean it up, but they didn’t complete the maintenance of the drainage system.”

Grangetown’s councillor Ash Lister said that solving this problem is a financial challenge for the Council. He said, ”We have finished the problem of drainage system on one side of Clare Road, but due to budget pressure, we are not sure when the rest of the problem will be solved.”