Tiger Bay and the Dock 1880s-1950s: A Link between the past and now

An exhibition has been opened to celebrate the history of Cardiff’s Tiger Bay and detail its approach to social cohesion.

The Pier Head building is one of the oldest buildings in Cardiff Bay and inside there is a display showing images of Victorian times to the public.

Tiger Bay and the Dock 1880s-1950s

The exhibition is called Tiger Bay and the Docks from 1880s to 1950s, in partnership with The Heritage and Cultural Exchange, three new displays have been created.

The organiser of the exhibition and one of the members in the Heritage & Cultural Exchange, Trevor Godbold, says the aim of the display is to tell stories of multi-cultural Cardiff to the city’s younger generations.

Trevor Godbold

“The History of Cardiff Docks and the Butetown, I don’t think it has been up to now. There are lots of stories about ethnic minority groups haven’t been told. We got lots of pictures to tell people these stories,” Trevor saide.

People from more than 50 nations made Tiger Bay one of the oldest and most diverse multicultural communities in the UK. 

Historical Tiger Bay

As the display shows, there are lots of buildings in Cardiff Bay before. But they have been removed and more modern buildings and business shops came into here. The visitors are worried about the future of other buildings.

Cardiff Bay mow

One of the visitors David Hall says the exhibition is just a start of the history’s protection. And that both old buildings and modern buildings can be survive together.

David Hall

“The history and old buildings makes Cardiff incredible but we can’t live in the past and we need to think about the future. Our city needs balance and it can’t be still,” David said.

The display will remain in place for several months.