Wales Air Ambulance Charity Shop will Move to a New Location

A charity shop in Cardiff city centre has to find new premises but still don’t know where they will go

This charity shop has been open here in Churchill Way for more than twenty years, but now they say they have to move.

Wales Ambulance Charity Shop

The team who run the charity shop say they are being forced to move because of rising rent and problems caused by construction work to open up an old canal. They are still searching for alternative premises.

All money raised from sales goes to the Wales Air Ambulance and volunteers are now worried about the uncertain future of the shop.

Katherine Humphrey is a volunteer at the shop. She says the narrow space and the rising rent led them have to move to the new place.

”I will move with the shop because it makes me feel my life meaningful.,’ she says.

Katherine Humphrey

Customers say that much of the problem is caused by the noisy construction work outside to open the old canal and they can’t move big items of furniture.

Inside the shop

Until now, the exact time and location of the move have not yet been determined.