Police crack down on excessive drinking in Cardiff

South Wales Police have teamed up with bars and pubs in Cardiff, to campaign against excessive drinking in the capital.
The campaign, ‘Know The Score’ aims to reduce the anti social behavior caused by binge drinking, in the run up to Christmas.
Craig Lowry, Manager at Peppermint Bar and Kitchen on St. Mary’s Street says: “The campaign is about making people more aware. It makes the managers of venues more aware,  and the bartenders more aware of who they’re serving. In the industry, people want to make as much money as they can , but it’s about having the courage to say ‘No, you’ve had enough’. There are bars in the city who are more guilty than others”.

It’s not just bartenders who will face fines. Customers who buy drinks for friends who are clearly drunk could also be fined up to £1000.
The rise in drinking around Christmas and New Year, causes problems for bars, door staff and police.
“When customers are getting intoxicated , anything can happen. We see fighting, arguing, falling down the stairs, people losing their family and friends. When people aren’t from the city or the area, they can get stranded and rely on Police help. Our door staff don’t allow entry to people who are already on the verge of becoming drunk, but the problems start when customers are buying drinks for friends who have been denied service from our bar staff. We see extra footfall with the holidays, so this campaign has come in at just the right time”.

Craig Lowry, Manager at Peppermint Bar and Kitchen

South Wales Police, put the responsibility on individuals as well as bars, and say it’s on customers to “know the law”.