'Jewel' of Cardiff's parks in state of 'disrepair'

People in Canton are angry that the grass in Victoria Park keeps being damaged by, what they claim are, council vans.
They say the vans drive over the grass leaving muddy craters because they’re too big to fit on the pavements.
Mark Hamer, who runs the community group Victoria Park Matters, describes the park as being in “disrepair” and says “we really need the council to sort this out”.
Labour councillor for the area, Stephen Cunnah, is aware of the issue and says the smaller vans are “forthcoming” later in the year.
Park users are worried that the mess is ruining the look of the park and the vans cause “mud to spread onto the paths that [they] have to walk in”.
Mark Hamer says “Victoria Park is a really important community resource, it’s much loved by the residents young and old and it’s such a shame to see damage”.
He claims that the vans are too big for the path and are causing a lot of damage to the verges along the paths, “as a consequence of this quite a number of the areas are deeply rutted and in a state of disrepair.” He says the council need to sort out this “recurring” issue.
Whilst the council have not replied to request for comment, councillor for the area Stephen Cunnah says sorting the problem “is certainly a priority”.
He acknowledges that “Victoria Park is possibly the jewel of the park service in Cardiff” and the council “will get these smaller vehicles” to resolve the problem  once this year’s budget has been finalised.