'Anorexia should be treated more as mental illness', says blogger

An eighteen year old from Cardiff who suffered from anorexia said there needs to be better education around living with an eating disorder.

Lara Rebecca decided to share her recovery journey on social media – which has been watched by millions of people.

She said it all began when she started to develop a negative body image and low self-esteem. “I began to be obsessed with my diet, I was very aware of what I was eating and strictly avoided high calorific options” Lara says.
Her condition got worse until she was admitted in hospital two years ago.
Since sharing her story she has turned her life around and is continuing to document her progress and help raise awareness of the issue.
Lara told CJS News “eating disorders are a result of mental illnesses, not just someone that wants to lose weight to look skinny. It’s certainly a way in which people cope with their inner feelings and emotions and they are using it as a coping mechanism and a way to regain control. That is really what we should be focusing on”.
Anorexia does not just have physical implications. The symptoms of an eating disorder can make people feel isolated and alone.
Lara wants to use her social media platforms to support and reach out to those suffering from eating disorders. She says “I’m definitely trying to make my social media platforms very very safe and very very encouraging and motivating for not only people that want to recover but also people that want to sustain a healthy life style.”
Lara says she hopes that sharing her story will help others as much as it has helped her.