Litter and dog fouling a 'huge problem' in Barry Island

Shop owners in Barry Island say dog fouling and litter on the beach is affecting tourism.
Marc Mitchell, who owns The Beach shop says: “It’s a huge problem and undoubtedly puts people off returning to the island.
“When they visit and the place is awash with litter, the beach with overflowing bins, it leaves a bad taste.”
He says the council should put bins on the beaches to help tackle the problem.
Vale of Glamorgan Council have proposed increasing on the spot fines for littering from £75 to £100 by April but residents argue it should be even higher.
There’ve been a number of complaints on Twitter about dog fouling as well as litter. Jade Williams said: “Not much litter at Barry Island today but plenty of dog poo.
“A few had been covered by mounds of sand, perfect for energetic little boys to run through.”
Anthony Kemp tweeted: “My kids felt really uncomfortable yesterday, saw lots of discarded poo bags, a few hanging from trees.”
Dogs are only allowed on the beach on Barry Island between October and May but there have now been calls to ban them completely.
CJS News has asked Vale of Glamorgan Council for comment.