Politicians call for St David's Day to be bank holiday

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus! 
As Wales celebrates its patron saint today, calls have been made for the day to become a national holiday.

In Cardiff, the St David’s parade has just ended with a rousing rendition of the Welsh national anthem- Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau.
There were a few hundred people in the centre, including ‘St David’ himself leading the parade.

'St David' himself leading the St David's Day Parade through the streets of Cardiff
‘St David’ himself leading the St David’s Day Parade through the streets of Cardiff

Neil McEvoy AM has called for St David’s Day to become a national holiday in Wales.
“The council really should be investing in St David’s Day, so should the Welsh Government,” he said.
“They should give staff the day off. My office is closed today, my staff have a day off. The Council should do that. The Welsh Government should do it. The Assembly should do it. All Welsh politicians should do it; so we could have a defacto bank holiday.”
Councillor Keith Parry echoed the calls, “It would boost business in Wales if St David’s day becomes a public holiday.”
“Since this parade started in Cardiff about 15 years ago, there are now about 15 other cities and towns having St David’s Day parades and it’s become a tourist attraction.”
But note everyone thinks this is a good idea. Kelly Bridgeman who works at Supergarden Florist in Cardiff Market told us that it’s the busiest day for daffodil sales.
“Well I think for us it wouldn’t be good because the sales of daffodils are on St David’s Day, so the Market would be closed. We’d be closed. So I’d say no, I’m not for it.”
A spokesperson for the Welsh Government said that they’d really like to make it a bank holiday, but despite them “repeatedly asking the UK Government to give the powers to the Welsh Assembly”, they have been refused.
They say they’ll continue to argue the case.
The Office for the Secretary of State for Wales has yet to comment.