Action needed to "stop lorries" using Pentyrch lanes

Residents in Pentyrch want more measures put in place to stop large lorries using village lanes.

At a public meeting at the village’s Lewis Arms this morning, more than 30 locals and the independent Assembly member, Neil McEvoy, discussed ways to make sure something is done ‘before an accident happens’.

Residents say the diversion signs for roadworks are confusing which means some lorries are taking shortcuts through their village lanes.

Residents say this means the roads aren’t safe and has also damaged some resident’s gardens and embankments.

Heol Pant y Gored, the main road that connects Pentyrch and Creigiau in the north of Cardiff, has been closed for 11 weeks while developers fit gas supplies to the new homes being built nearby.

Diversions have been put in place to redirect traffic around neighbouring roads including Llantrisant Road which is already facing long tailbacks because of the the Plasdwr housing developments.

(Image: Gemma Robinson- Resident)

Mr McEvoy is putting pressure on Cardiff Council for something to be done, he said:

I want the signs sorted out immediately, there is no excuse for that. This is a billion pound developments and we’re talking pennies to sort these signs out”.

“I want to publicise the dangers of this and essentially embarrass the council in doing something.”

Residents say there has been a lack of communication and feel forgotten.

One resident from Capellanilltern, Patricia Crowley said:

“It’s basically an accident waiting to happen. Driving at 60 mph on a single track lane with something coming the other way it can’t instantaneously be dematerialised. You can’t change the laws of physics and there is no cure for stupid”.

Further public meetings are planned for next week .

Cardiff Council as invited to the meeting but did not attend and has been approached for comment by CJS News.