Leading virus expert says Wales will cope with coronavirus

Infectious diseases expert Dr. Andrew Freedman from Cardiff University believes the Welsh NHS is prepared for the coronavirus outbreak.

There have now been two cases confirmed in Wales, one in Cardiff.

Doctor Freedman said: “Clearly we are likely to see a lot more cases. The good news is that the majority of these cases will be mild and not require admission to hospital but be treated in isolation in their own homes.

“Nevertheless, there will be cases that do require admission, perhaps intensive care treatment, so the numbers may be very large, but we should be able to cope.”

He advises that washing hands for twenty seconds with just soap and water is the most effective way to kill germs.

Hand sanitizer is appropriate although people may struggle to get some due to shop shortages.

Face masks are only useful for those who already have the disease as it will stop a patient from touching their mouth or nose, which can lead to infection.

Dr Freedman’s advice is not to panic, especially after the first confirmed case in Cardiff.

He said: “It’s actually the second case in Wales, we had a case in Swansea a week or so ago.

“But it’s not surprising we are seeing cases all around the UK now. It’s still relatively small numbers.

“This case is being treated in isolation and so it doesn’t pose a wider threat to the Welsh public.”

For those who think they may have coronavirus, the instruction is don’t go to a GP or local hospital unless the symptoms become life threatening.

Self-isolate at home and medicate with paracetamol.