New cycleway at Sophia Gardens

New cycleway shows Cardiff Council ‘doesn’t respect green space’

Cardiff Civic Society is unhappy with changes made to Sophia Gardens

A NEW cycleway being built in Sophia Gardens as part of an environmental plan has destroyed green space, claims the chair of Cardiff Civic Society.

Work is already underway at Sophia Gardens on the wider cyclepath and walkway, which runs alongside the road connecting the city centre with Pontcanna and Llandaf.

The new cycleway – also known as the ‘superhighway’ – is part of Cardiff’s Clean Air plan.

Many cyclists on social media have welcomed the improvements but Cardiff Civic Society is angry about the loss of green space.

The chair of the society, Nerys Lloyd-Pierce says, “The council doesn’t have any respect for green space and that’s an issue overall.

“The Cardiff Civic Society believes it’s a pointless waste of public money just to pave over some parkland when cyclists use the existing road.”

The Society has published an open letter to the Minister for Strategic Planning and Transport noting their concerns but is yet to receive a response.

The council says Cardiff Civic Society were part of the consultation process earlier this year and had a chance to voice their concerns.

Cardiff Council also added that the route was created to avoid the need for loss of trees.

Cycling charity Pedal Power were also part of the consultation process but they say they are thrilled about the new, wider cycleway.

Sian Donovan, director of the Pontcanna charity, says: “We can extend the journeys that people go on which builds their confidence.

“That cycleway is going to link up with the city centre. You can see that people are not just limited to paths in the park but can actually start to cycle out into the real world.”

The plans for the new cycleway can be found here.