Mum’s frustration at limited disabled equipment in Caedelyn playground proposal

The mother of a disabled teenager is frustrated with the plans for a new play area at Caedelyn Park in Rhiwbina.

The playground has been closed since lockdown began in March and did not reopen in September after failing safety checks.

Proposals for a new playground were revealed by Conservative Councillor for Rhiwbina Jayne Cowan on Twitter. It includes swings for toddlers and juniors, a slide, floor games, and an inclusive play area for children with disabilities.

While the reaction to the proposal was mostly positive, one mother was frustrated by the development.
Hayley Norris, whose 14-year-old son is a full-time wheelchair user, said that she was “really concerned” with the plans.

She highlighted that there was only one piece of inclusive equipment in the proposal and that Cardiff Council had “missed an opportunity” to add more inclusive equipment which could help disabled children to relax and develop social skills.

In response, Councillor Cowan said that disabled children had been taken into account and that the proposal was inclusive.

The council is hoping to open the play area to the public as soon as possible, but currently, there is no fixed date.

Cardiff Council has been approached for comment.