Langstone A48 road is ‘accident waiting to happen’, says mum of knocked down child

A mother whose son was knocked down while stepping off a school bus says speeding on the A48 road in Langstone is putting pedestrians’ lives at risk.

Nicky Turner said her son is “lucky to be alive” after he was struck by a car on the 40 miles-per-hour road and is calling for the speed limit to be reduced.

“There’s just more accidents waiting to happen on this road,” she said.

“If something isn’t changed soon, we’ll see a lot more accidents and possibly more fatalities.

“My son was lucky but someone else might not be as fortunate.”

Two years ago a teenage girl was killed on a stretch of the road just outside the village of Langstone but people say not enough has been done to stop cars breaking the speed limit.

Alice Place lives nearby and refuses to walk with her grandchild along the pavement next to the road.

“I was terrified the last time I went out with my grandchild,” she said.

“There were cars, lorries, motorbikes all doing well above forty [miles-per-hour].

“Langstone is a very built up area with lots of families. I really worry for children’s safety growing up here because currently the A48 is just too dangerous.

“Further down the road in Caerwent they’ve been able to make huge progress in slowing cars down. Caerwent doesn’t even have a primary school, we do – it’s baffling that they can’t seem to reduce the speed here.”

Conservative Councillor for Langstone Ray Mogford said: “It’s one of the biggest issues for Langstone. We want people to know that we are working really hard to get this sorted and to improve the safety of the area for everyone.

“We’re not ignoring the concerns, we’re listening to them. But these things take time and money, which is always a problem.”

Newport City Council has been contacted for a comment.