LGBT+ artwork on Castle Street cost Cardiff Council £15,000

A new LGBT+ artwork painted on the road outside Cardiff Castle cost Cardiff Council £15,000.

The council painted four versions of the progressive pride flag overnight to celebrate LGBT+ History Month – in what is also the 50th anniversary of the UK’S first Pride March in 1972.

The artwork, based on the traditional Pride rainbow flag, includes black, brown, pink, blue and white strips to represent transgender and LGBT+ communities of colour.

Pride Cymru’s Dan Walsh praised the project, saying it “really shows the council commitment to diversion and inclusion in our city”.

Labour councillor Ashley Lister says the display “is about making that visual representation” but he admits that “there is no idea or belief from the council that this is suddenly going to tackle homophobia and stop the abuse and violence that some in our communities face”.

However, Dafydd Orritt, a member of the LGBT+ community, believes the £15,000 could have been better spent on more proactive measures. He argues that “instead of painting a mural (the council) could help LGBTQ charities around Cardiff with more funding to help spread the word and tackle homophobia”.

The council has stressed that the markings on the road are not intended to be a zebra crossing and Councillor Lister says: “[It is] very very clearly not a crossing and I would be concerned if anyone did think it was.”

Cardiff Council has confirmed that it will not spend any more money on events for the LGBT+ this month.