The Womens Institute holding a vigil outside the Senedd

Warning of increase in domestic abuse in the run up to World Cup and Christmas.

The National Federation of Women’s Institutes has warned of a “25% increase in reported domestic abuse happening after Wales’ game against USA in the World Cup”.

At an event in the Senedd Joyce Watson MS who is one of the chairs of NFWI Wales said “This match, this World Cup goes on right up to Christmas and Christmas is a time anyway when you get an increase in domestic abuse.”

The vigil was organised by the NFWI and included speakers from other domestic abuse organizations’ as part of showing solidarity with victims and survivors of violence against women.

The vigil which took place as part of 10th anniversary marking The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and International White Ribbon Day.

Steve Barnbrook who is one of the trustees for White Ribbon UK also attended the event saying, “I have been working in this field for 20 years and I’m very proud as a man to be working in this field.”

He added, “Primarily the perpetrators of sexual violence are invariably men. It’s important that men stand up to say it’s not okay, things have to change.”

Joyce Watson who is the Labour MS for Mid and West Wales said, “I hope that one of the big breakthroughs will be the new curriculum and teaching respect in the classroom from a very young age. About what is healthy relationship and I work with schools also on this.”

According to the Welsh Government website, the new curriculum will include developmentally-appropriate Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE). This will include teaching about topics such as healthy relationships, cyber-safety and how to raise an issue with a responsible adult. This will be fully implemented in September 2023.