Black bins block pavement on Pen-y-Wain
Black bins block pavement on Pen-y-Wain

Residents of Roath and Splott call on Cardiff Council to make streets accessible

Disabled and elderly residents of Pen-y-Wain Street and Carlisle Street are worried about black bins and rubbish bags blocking pavements.

Terraced streets that are already narrow and uneven are being further restricted by black bins and rubbish bags. Due to Homes of Multiple Occupany (HMOs), sometimes bins block off the path entirely on collection days.

One resident in Splott has moved in with his elderly father to provide care. He says that his father now struggles to leave the house as there is not enough room for his walking frame. The elderly man often chooses to go on the road to avoid the trip hazards of bin bags.

“He’s of the opinion that he’s okay to walk on the road. I hate that because cars are going past; some people will slow down to help you but others don’t care. He can’t see anything so he can’t see cars coming towards him.”

They now only go outside for his father to get exercise, once a week.

“Anything can cause that wheelie (walking frame) to go over, and the risk is he goes over forwards. At this point, he wouldn’t survive it.”

Another Twitter user shares their experience of littered paths

Dr Aimee Grant from Heath is an electric wheelchair user. She says that obstructions to the pavement and lack of dropped kerbs are making it harder to get around the area.

“I can’t get to my doctor’s surgery, pharmacy or closest post office without having to use my wheelchair on busy sections of road. Built-in lights are not enabled on NHS wheelchairs, meaning it’s unsafe for me to be on the road.”

Dr Aimee Grant

Illegal parking is also a significant issue for those concerned about accessibility.

“Some new people moved in a few houses away from me and constantly park their car on the pavement. I’ve left a polite note on their windscreen, explaining it makes life harder for me and other wheelchair users and is illegal, but they still do it. My concern is that it could become the culture on my road, as several people now park on the pavement.”

Aimee is calling on Cardiff Council to issue fines for illegal parking. She and other members of Roath Living Streets Group would like to see a greater effort by the Council to make streets accessible for everyone.