Time to Burn the Feathers?

Almost 7000 people have signed a petition to rebrand the Welsh Rugby Union logo.

Trystan Gruffydd, who launched the petition, claims the three white feathers aren’t “embraced by everyone in Wales and supporters of Welsh rugby”;


Instead, Mr Gruffydd, along with many others, believe that the WRU emblem should be the Red Dragon or even the Welsh Leek.

One of those in favour of the change is Lee Waunfawr from Newport; he explained why he signed the petition and why others should do so too:

“I’ve been a fan of rugby since I was just a teen, and I’ve always felt very strongly about my Welsh identity…the current symbol is outdated and very monarchist, which I think is a dead idea, especially to Wales”

Everyone recognises the WRU, we need something with a strong Welsh identity, like the Dragon or the leek. Rugby is engrained in the Welsh psyche, but the emblem isn’t truly welsh? Now is the pivotal point to strengthen Welsh identity, and it’s important we show how wonderful Wales is- warts and all!”

The WRU has had the same logo since it was formed in 1881. The symbol has also represented the Prince of Wales since the 14th Century.

Now, people are arguing it’s time for a change as it does not truly reflect Welsh identity.

This comes as ‘BBC Wales Investigates: Welsh Rugby under the Spotlight‘ revealed accusations of bullying, sexism, and sexual misconduct towards women in the WRU. The Chief Executive Steve Phillips resigned less than a week after the programme aired. Nigel Walker, who is currently the Acting Chief Executive, says “we must now listen intently to what people from outside our organisation are telling us”.

The petition organiser says he hopes that once the petition reaches 7500 signatures, the WRU Chairman, Ieuan Evans, will acknowledge the call for change.