Welsh Government LGBTQ+ Action Plan to ban conversion therapy

The plans unveiled by the Welsh Government will also simplify the process for changing legal gender

Ministers say their new proposals aim to make Wales into the most LGBTQ+ friendly nation in Europe. Some of the wide-ranging issues include safety, education, housing, health and social care. The report contains 46 separate recommendations. Some are immediate, while others for the longer or medium term.

One standout element of the Welsh Government’s Action Plan includes a ban on all aspects of conversion therapy, a dangerous type of psychotherapy which aims to change a person’s sexual orientation. The move was welcomed by the Welsh Conservative Altaf Hussain in Senedd during a debate.

The plans will also make it easier for Welsh people to legally change their gender and the government in Cardiff wants more political power devolved on gender recognition. They also plan to review new pathways for gender recognition of young people

But the UK Government are already blocking Scotland’s Gender Recognition Bill, which has proposed similar policy changes in Scotland to what is know being discussed in Wales.

The Action Plan coincides with LGBTQ+ History Month and its been launched by the Welsh Labour Government with the cooperation of Plaid Cymru.

Plaid’s leader Adam Price MS says “this plan shows how we are working together to make a more just, fairer, tolerant Wales”. Price is the first LGBTQ+ party leader in the Senedd.

Stonewall Cymru, an LGBTQ+ charity who gave evidence to the Welsh Government during the drafting of the report describes the announcement as a “landmark day”.

The UK government were asked for a reached for comment, but they are yet to respond.