NFU Cymru calls for better standards for imported food as salmonella cases spike

Chicken and eggs from Poland have caused a rise in salmonella poisoning, according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

National Farmers Union Cymru says the Welsh Government needs to ensure imported poultry produce are safe for the public.

The FSA are conducting an ongoing investigation into Salmonella linked to poultry imported to the UK from Poland.

There are ongoing discussions with officials in Poland and the EU to ensure all necessary steps are taken to improve the safety of poultry and eggs imported from Poland.

The Deputy President for NFU Cymru, Abi Reader said “The Welsh Government need to recognise that if we are importing products into this country, they need to be at the very least the same standard as ours.”

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “There has been no change in our high level of food safety standards for imported food since the UK left the EU. If a risk on food safety is identified, additional safeguard measures are put in place.”

In addition to standard regulations, the UK has assurance schemes like Red Tractor and Farm Assured Welsh Livestock that ensure food in Wales is safely produced.

Ms Reader expressed the importance of ensuring that products purchased from stores come with a safety guarantee.

The NFU Poultry Chair James Mottershead said people can be confident in the standard of British foods. Shoppers can identify British products by looking for logos on the packaging.