Around 25 to 30 cars are believed to have been damaged.

‘Entire street’ in Roath has tyres slashed in a single night

Residents in Roath have described waking up to find “between 25 and 30 cars” damaged on their road.

Police said officers are investigating the incident which happened on Wednesday night along Moy Road.

One resident told CJS News she woke up early to move her car when she noticed her tyre was flat.

She told CJS News: “It’s horrible, this street is predominately university students with work. We can’t afford stuff like this to happen. It isn’t fair”.

Another resident on the street had the day off work for his birthday, and wanted to be able to take his son to school and run errands. but soon discovered his tyre was also flat.

He said he also noticed around 25 other cars along the street had been damaged.

After walking along the road, around 25 vehicles were noticed to also have flat tyres. A resident said that it has costly impacts to everyone affected : “The damage is so bad that you can’t repair the tyre so you have to change the whole thing which affects everyone financially and emotionally”.

Similar incidents appear to have taken place in Rumney earlier in the week with reports of 14 vehicles being damaged on one road on Monday night.

South Wales Police said they are investigating a number of reports of criminal damage to vehicles on Moy Road, and enquiries are ongoing.