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Many independent traders are moving from the city centre of Cardiff……What happen to them?

An independent market in Cardiff centre has disappeared in the end of October, 2021. The reason is not any financial problems. The owner of the place wants to start a new bar here, so all the traders must to move. They only have 30 days to find a new place. This market is called the Castle Emporium. It is located on Womanby Street inside an arcade. The moving news was so sudden, and with so little time left, that many shopkeepers didn’t know where they were going to go.

Most traders move into a newly open market in Canton, a inner-city district in west Cardiff. It is a local residential area, not as busy as the city centre. They are worried about the future here because this new place is quite away(2 miles/more than 3 km) from the city centre. Those old audience may not want to come here. Just as most people’s view, many independent traders also think staying city centre might be a better choice, instead of moving to Canton.

But after they move there, something unexpected happens. Since moving to this location, they have quickly built up a new audience. And the local residents love the independent shop market ,and they are more willing to enjoy their time in different independent shops than people in the city centre. Besides, this new market is also well located, even if it’s not in the city centre, because it’s at a crossroads, more people can see it. The whole atmosphere within the Corp Market is also much more cozy than in the past, with very friendly shopkeepers and customers.

Moving away from the centre may not be a negative stuff for independent traders. It could be a better start. There are more positive things waiting for them in this new place.