Postscript: China’s regulation of the market for the star-chasing industry chain

With the drive of capital and platforms, some fans have invested a lot of money and time in celebrity lists. Some stars have forgotten their duty, and both moral and legal boundaries have been lost. The wrong values of ” If he has good looks will have excused him from all his faults” intensify, bringing great harm to the physical and mental health of the public, especially the youth. It is even provided opportunities for illegal fund raising, traffic falsification and other crimes. It even provides opportunities for illegal fund-raising, traffic falsification and other crimes.

In response to this gradually becoming deformed market, the state has undertaken a certain degree of political guidance. The implementation of the “QingLang” campaign has been crucial in building an environment conducive to the growth of young people and the quality of the work.

The rules issued by “QingLang” campaign can be summarised as follows:

1. Resist illegal and unethical stars using online platforms to make annuncement

2. Oppose ” flow-only”

3. National Radio and Television Administration has requested to resist the perverse culture of face-look only

4. Clean up accounts that publish unsupported celebrity gossip

5. Abolish all of lists of celebrity stars

6. Strictly prohibit the phenomenon of “scolding” between fan communities

7. Don’t induced fans consume and the brand need standardize the behavior of raising funds for aid

These policies are aimed at the development of a star-chasing culture that is detrimental to the development of society, it covers many aspects of the “Fan circle”. They cover a wide range of aspects of the entertainment industry, including fans, celebrity agencies, variety shows and online platforms.

For the stars, it helps to guide them to “learn morality before learning skill”. As stars are closer to the public and receive more attention, they need to set a good example of morality to the growing youth.

For the market, the massive involvement of capital and the blind admiration of fans will bury good works. The publishers will prefer to use more popular stars rather than focus on the works quality. If things continue this way, it will affect the aesthetic and spiritual quality of people’s entertainment. These policies warn the entertainment industry not to put economic benefits first and return to the normal track of industry development, which will help prevent the materialistic involvement of capital and excessive control of the industry. It can help the whole industry to develop in an orderly and compliant manner under the regulation of the rule of law.

Amusing ourselves to death

Policies on the governance of the entertainment market are also continuing to be introduced. A more regulated star-chasing industry chain will promote the growth of the market, while avoiding the creation of such perverse values as “entertainment to death”.